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Taking pictures = making memories!

If you want to make awesome memories, high-quality photos with your friends even with your Iphone I think you might need some of these hacks.

Let’s start with some crazy ideas for your Instagram. I’ll show you couple of tips on how to look good on the photo if you and your friend have huge height difference. It’s totally fine in real life, looks awkward on photos though.

And you’ve got troubles with your summer vacation and still killing time at home, it’s no reason not to post anything on the social networks! πŸ™‚

If you need underwater shot, just pour some water into a sink so it’ll cover your face, drown it underwater for a sec, put your smartphone in a glass and shoot!

If you wanna picture of your legs sunbathing, grab 2 sausages, put them at the right angle and there you have it! Post your sexy shiny ‘legs’ and get some likes! πŸ™‚

I also wanna share with you how to deal with bad lightning usin simple plastic bag, and take cool pictures with your gang using your feet!


0:27 Unwerwater picture
0:47 Sexy legs
1:20 Need to fit everyone?
2:02 Bad lightning solution
4:39 Say money nor cheese
5:24 Know your angle
7:23 One-handed selfie

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7 thoughts on “30 CRAZY AND COOL PHOTO HACKS

  1. Again , i love ur vid but is now kinda bored cuz u always show a clip that u already show in other video,if u dont have many ideas is ok,but dont make people bored ,btw IM not hating , just giving a tip ,like if u agree

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