Oncoming Flying Kettlebells VS Coca Cola Cans

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Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted for so long! I hope today’s video will impress you and give you lots of pleasure!

As the basis of my new concept is the love of my dear audience for such videos as: A car vs some things, such as coca cola cans, toothpaste, slimes, eggs etc., shredding various items like lighters, iPhones, slime balls, Stretch Armstrong toys etc., Lava vs such things like cars, watermelons, dry ices, balls etc.
In the process of reflection, I got the idea of bringing down diverse items with a kettlebell tied to a rope. I shot over an hour of this stuff. After the editing, I got a 15-minute video, but I was disappointed with the entertainment because the kettlebell was just bringing down the items from the table :D. Although, to be honest, I was disappointed as early as in the process of filming. I’ve decided not to release this video, but I did not want to quit the idea of using a kettlebell, because I felt that it could be interesting and spectacular. All I had to do is come up with how I could implement it. In the evening, right before going to bed, I had an idea that prevented me from falling asleep until the morning: to push together two oncoming flying kettlebells. I spent the whole night imagining what it would look like and what items would be between those two kettlebells. So, meet the first episode of a new and very spectacular line called “Oncoming Flying Kettlebells!”

Friends, enjoy watching and wait for new videos! And if you like it, click like, and subscribe to the channel. If you do not like something or have any issues, be sure to specify them in the comments, so I can see the feedback and can take your thoughts into account.

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